Deconstruction / by Amanda Amport

I find myself this morning in a familiar place, where the urge to deconstruct is strong + forceful.

In my mind's eye, I'm swinging my sledgehammer and tearing down all that I have built, creating space for all things new + fresh + clean.

In my mind's eye, an enormous pile of rubble, chalky grey, framed above by a crystal clear blue sky. 

In my mind's eye, a jungle growing up from the debris, filling the newly cleared space with green, living + brilliant. 

It fills me with fresh air.

It fills me with terror, for how can a jungle grow up from rubble?

In my mind's eye, I take a step back to reveal my magnificent construction. Detailed + varied, some unfinished and all occupied with the presences of my loves. Pulsing with living energy. Sky peeks through everywhere it can. 

I resign, and look for the garden plots instead.